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Go from player to creator in are game development workshops, where we introduce you to the wonderful world of your mind! Journey through the deepest pits of the abyss, smuggle potatoes, become a lvl 100 Mafia BOSS, or make your dream home in the cosmos.
The world is your oyster!

We are here to get you started, to start we must first choose are tool of choice


Great for beginners! Perfect for story focused games, with capabilities to make more advanced interactions with python

an image example of something made in RenPy

Recommended: CSC 110
Minimum: Passion ;)


A 2D/3D fully featured open source game engine, your only limitations are your imagination and your skills! Not an engine for the faint of heart, but in return it will give you the world.

an image example of something made in Godot

Recommended: CSC 142
Minimum: CSC 110